Who Does Laminate Flooring Installation in Shreveport, LA?

Who Does Laminate Flooring Installation in Shreveport, LA?

Dixie Floors, Inc. will take care of your commercial and residential flooring

If you like the look of hardwood flooring but can’t afford it, laminate flooring is a durable, low-cost option. Dixie Floors, Inc. offers laminate flooring installations to provide your home or office with the timeless look of hardwoods at a more affordable price.

Contact Dixie Floors to find out if laminate flooring is right for your residential or commercial property in the Shreveport, LA area.

3 benefits of laminate flooring

When you’re ready to get started on a laminate flooring installation, we’ll make the process as quick and easy as possible. We’ll prepare the subfloor before putting down underlayment. This layer provides the benefit of insulation and noise reduction. There are many good reasons to go with laminate flooring:

  1. It’s easy to maintain
  2. It’s more forgiving than wood
  3. It won’t absorb dust or allergens

Laminate flooring is also resistant to light scratching. Call 318-221-8362 today to get a free estimate on laminate flooring installation for your home or office.